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Decimal Designs is part of the Rustic Bridge Vintage company. A family run business. 


Rustic Bridge Vintage, are dealers in vintage and antique items, specialising in the WW2 era.

The 'Team'

The 'Team' which is made up of Marie and Pete (the day to day runners and face of the business), their son Aaron, Marie's parents (who have been there for Marie since day one), and Lou the Border Collie!

Marie has been running the business since 2010, after meeting Pete in late 2015 the business grew and took a more specialised route. In 2016 the new face of Rustic Bridge Vintage was born. Later on the same year Decimal Designs started to develop and in 2017 was released onto the market. The product range is being developed all the time. 

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We don't have a shop building you can visit, please see our Events page for when you will be able to see us though.

Although the number is a mobile one we ask that you call between 9am-5pm